JoyMonger believes comfortable, quality rental homes are the best investment.  

JoyMonger believes comfortable, quality rental homes are the best investment.  

What JoyMonger can offer you:

Every investment property has a use personality.  

A rental home may be best suited to short term vacation rentals.  Our Chief JoyMonger is an experienced AirBNB Superhost who understands the how marry the perfect combo of location and owner tolerance for the ocean like tide of new people.

On the other hand, a rental home maybe the perfect match for long term no frills, unfurnished, and no utilities.  This can be the perfect marriage of affordable living mixed with stable cash flow.   Ahhhhhhhh.  Doesn’t that sound good?

And, my personal favorite, medium to long term custom furnished rental housing.  For me and my clients, this is often a Goldilocks’ ‘just right’ situation.  There’s a bit more time, effort, and money and up front.  Yep.  No doubt about it.  On the other side are better CAP and cash on cash, through higher rents and lower vacancy loss.

Let’s talk about the best use personality of your investment.

Department of Housing Innovation:

RPPR – Residential Property Personality Profile: 

Quick and custom, this unique consultation is all about you and your property. Best use is vital to maximizing your investment and minimizing avoidable aggravations. 

IA- Income Amplification: Collecting Ancillary Income. 

Minimizing Vacancy Loss: Alas! Rent is a 100% perishable commodity.

Right-sized Rent Renewal Rates: Charging full market rent to current people is…well, rude! Good manners and respectful procedures lead to better ROI.  Yep!

Department of Routine and Mundane: 

MM- Minutia Management: details, details, details… So many details!

RM-Risk Mitigation: Perhaps the sexiest skill in Property Management & definitely one of the most effective.  Yep.  A problem that never happens is almost always the best kind of problem.  

WLM-Waiting List Management: What if the next time you had a lease come up you had applications waiting fitting your predetermined criteria?

Department of Get the Word Out:

PL&LN – People Location and Lease Negotiation: From advertising to form signing.

S&S- Staging & Stuff is handled by the whole team: Furnishing for people to make their home, as opposed to short term or business travel, is one of the magic variables in the JoyMonger way.  

CPS – Competent Public Speaking: JoyMonger loves to share the message of Amplifying Joy Thru Housing! 

What JoyMonger is not:

Attorney: We suggest you consult with an attorney that knows housing law in your state and keeps current in this when-is-it-going-to-stop pace of change.   

Accountant or financial advisor: Why and how much you invest and how you speak with the IRS is up to you!  Considering your goals and systematically creating great, fair returns while protecting your physical asset within current market conditions is JoyMonger’s specialty.

Certified property inspector: JoyMonger has unique, valuable, inexpensive opinions.  Our inspections are not the same as the one you pay before buying your property. 

Bank, lending institution, title company, or credit union: You keep your money.  Rent goes to you.  You pay contractors.  We facilitate, but never commingle our company’s money with yours.  This saves you $$$ and protects from some of the most common problems investors have with traditional property management companies.