Someone’s gotta live the good life.

Why not you?

Why housing?  

Founder and Chief JoyMonger Lisa Dabel has been a residential property manager since the 1980s.  Finding affordable options for renters with great returns for investors is what JoyMonger is all about.

JoyMonger offers full-service relocation packages with our broker Home Seekers of Idaho.

What JoyMonger is not?

JoyMonger has a real estate agent, but JoyMonger and its affiliates are not your real estate agent unless we have a signed agreement. Paperwork matters. 

Our founder? 

A friend once described me as a “little JoyMonger”.  Soon after that I was working on a business plan as an unexpected entrepreneur and I needed a logo. I was lucky to be paired up with a design class at the University of Idaho. Students provided me with a fabulous JoyMonger logo.

How did COVID-19 impact JoyMonger?

Our Chief JoyMonger was set to become a single issue registered lobbyist in 2020.  The single issue: affordable housing. Perhaps this dream deferred will realize itself later.  For now we will help one person and one property at a time.

What keeps JoyMonger going?  

Our burning question and answer: “What can one person do to help with affordable housing?"  Plenty!  

What’s the JoyMongering Way? 

Help one rental home at a time find its people* to enjoy living while one property owner at a time makes great returns on investment…repeat…repeat… repeat…

What is JoyMongering?

JoyMongering is a verb. It’s a very active verb

JoyMongering is doing something for another that will activate joy for them.

JoyMongering is doing something for another that they either cannot or choose not to do for themselves which will directly activate joy for them, their family, their employees, or their clients.

Who is JoyMonger? 

JoyMonger’s mission is: “Amplifying Joy Thru Housing”.  JoyMonger, LLC is a small business in Boise, Idaho 

started in 2015 to innovate new, effective ways of managing rental housing.  

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*We like to call our renters People. Tenant and renters are impersonal terms. 

There’s nothing impersonal about a person’s home or an investor’s $$$!