Debunking the oft told: “I’m never too busy for your referrals”

Sometimes I say no to adding new clients.I do not take on more than four customers at a time for good reasons. I want everyone to get what they are looking for, not just look without finding.

I have time for you right now, when you are thinking of moving to or within Boise. JoyMonger enjoys managing the minutia of changing homes. I keep time open in my schedule to pamper the folks I work with and also leave time for

my family and friends and fun.

Once we are working together I won’t take too many clients and leave you feeling like a cog in the big box real estate world. My last year was extra full getting an innovative infill subdivision with eight homes ready to build. (link Garden Phoenix). It’s going on the market within the next few days (link to Garden Phoenix) so I have time for a couple of new clients.

Lot’s of agents are incredibly burned out from the last year. The stress of this ongoing up, up, and away market is starting to show. I’ve attended multiple trainings saying to avoid all customers that aren’t already approved and ready to make a full buying decisions immediately. Lots-o-transactions to advertise for sure. I admire them, I refer them if they are the right fit for folks I meet, do not emulate them.

JoyMonger’s entire mission is’ Amplifying Joy Through Housing’. So, I admit when I’m too busy. Right now, I’m not too busy. Whether you are planning your first visit to Boise, wanting to rent for a bit, selling your current home and buying a new one… Let’s talk.

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