Why the Rush?

Interest rates are climbing, prices in Boise keep setting record highs, and housing shortages are not just predictions… they are news. We are losing affordability in Boise. And yet, there are 1,255 active or coming soon resident listings as I write this in Ada County. Another 526 show up right next door in Canyon County. How many houses do you need right now? Whether you are moving your family in from out of the area or you’re an investor with a clicking tock on a 1031 tax exchange the situation is the same. You are looking for a property.

What does JoyMonger suggest? Take a breath out. You’ve been breathing in too long, craving the amazing Boise lifestyle you’ve heard about. Or, you're living the lifestyle already, but you’ve been told if you don’t buy right this red-hot minute you will lose out.. OH NO! LOSE OUT! Egad.

One of my buyers was able to find a great home at a fair price quickly and without a lot of hassle, with great agents on both sides of the sale. (This is where I put a major thanks to Jennifer Carr from Core Group for being flat out amazing to work with on the other side of the sale!)

Full disclosure: The same buyer lost out on a another place, even with a full price offer on the first day on the market. And three others he wanted to look at on the same day were already pending. No sugar coating here. Nope. There are more people than houses. But… again… Take a breath out. You only want one. It will happen. Yep!

Look for the right home for now. Consider renting something fabulous in the mean time. Rent for somewhere near the price you can pay for a pre-approved mortgage. And rent with a property management company with a pre-defined buy-out clause ---Yes, that is a blatant plug for JoyMonger Relocation rentals.

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