Someone’s gotta live the good life. Why not you?

Boise has a lot to offer. We’ll show you where to look.


The “joy” in JoyMonger refers to your joy:

The joy of finding just the right place to live.

We want to understand what you’re looking for,

and then help you explore Boise to find it.


Company founder Lisa Dabel has helped

thousands of people find the perfect living space,

whether it’s an apartment, a condo, a single-family

home, or an estate with her precise consulting.


A real estate professional for 30 years, Lisa has an intimate knowledge the local home rental and sales markets. As a part of the small, independent real estate firm, Home Seekers of Idaho, she can help you find the right rental or purchase in the right area for the right price.

As concierge relocation professionals, we’re here to help you understand Boise as it exists on the ground. Yes, you could move here and spend 6 months just to get the lay of the land. Or, you could come to know the city through the eyes of our longtime residents and veteran real estate professionals.


Whether you want an actual tour of the city, a Skype call, texting, or a phone conversation, JoyMonger can show you Boise from any number of perspectives. If what you see piques your curiosity, we can help you learn more and find just the right living arrangement.


JoyMonger understands that you may well come to love Idaho, but find yourself drawn to more suburban settings, smaller towns, or more open spaces. We can help you with that as well.

Let JoyMonger best assist you with any of your Boise needs. 

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